How UX optimization boost your search rankings?

Whenever you publish new content, include links to relevant old content at your website, so you’ll keep the visitor exploring. Provide cool visual content, video content will engage your readers and will keep them longer at the website. That way you can reduce the bounce rate as well.

How voice search will affect seo?

Voice search is the future of SEO it is affecting the SEO ranking by showing the quick answers. The choice of keywords also affects, now user are using more long tail keywords than the shorter one. Alexa, Google Home, Siri voice search is changing the way we use the web. How to optimize the content for voice search? All content should be mobile-friendly Improving site speed Think in terms of questions Use long-tail keywords Optimize…

How to check ranking of my website

If you are looking to check a URLs/domains at the same time, then congrats, you found it. Alexa ranking number is better in traffic rank checker and is very useful for determining a website’s traffic. Easily find rank of your website here without go Google analytics.